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The Centre invites proposals for sponsorship for community initiatives that support CWTP’s vision and mandate. Priority will be given to York campus groups, surrounding York communities, community organizations that do not have access to other sources of funding and who are led by and work with women and trans people. Sponsorship requests can be made at any time and take up to a month to process; decisions are made by the CWTP collective at the next available collective meeting. Organizations can apply for funding once per fiscal year (ending in May). The Centre awards a maximum of $100 per month; if we have multiple sponsorship requests then funds will be split accordingly.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please answer the following questions and email to with the heading “Sponsorship Request Application”. You can also drop it off in person or mail it to us.


      1. Name of Organization:


      2. Name of Applicant:


      3. Phone Number:


      4. Email:


      5. What is the best way for us to reach you?


      6. Can we leave a message at the phone number above?


      7. Address (required to mail a cheque to you if application is accepted)


      8. Dollar amount requested from CWTP:


      9. Tell us about your organization and your project. What is your organization’s mission statement? What are the goals of your project? What are the expected outcomes of the project?


      10. When is your project happening?


      11. How is your initiative in line with the Centre for Women and Trans People at York’s mandate?


    12. Please outline a brief projected budget including expenses, income and in kind costs. Please confirm if other sources of funding have been approved.


    13. How will your initiative bring a positive impact on (1) the York University community, (2) the Jane and Finch community, (3) or Women and Trans* people?
About Us

The Centre for Women and Trans People (“The Centre”) is a student-funded, collectively-run, volunteer-driven organization at York University. We are a progressive, pro-choice, anti-racist, queer-positive, trans-positive, feminist organization committed to: […]

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