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What does it mean to be a Toronto treaty person?


What does it mean to be a Toronto Treaty Person? By: Christina Turner

Unsetting Canada 150 

First Stories 

Toronto Has No History!’: Indigeneity, Settler Colonialism and Historical Memory in Canada’s Largest City.” By: Victoria Freeman

Decolonization is not a Metaphor. By: Eve Tuck

Canada 150 is a Celelbration of Indigenous Genocide by: Pamela Palmater



Skills for Solidarity

Presenter, “Our Shared History,” Module Two, Skills for Solidarity, an online, introductory program that opens up a conversation about the shared history between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and ways to renew the relationship between them. The program consists of five online panels that participants watch at their own pace, along with supplementary workbooks to deepen their learning. [Not Captioned]


kiskisiwin | Remembering

A jingle dress dancer, an 1850s blacksmith and a troop of defiant urban Indians assert Toronto as Indigenous territory and challenge Canadians to re-write their nation’s history. [Not Captioned]


Creative team

Writer: Jesse Thistle
Directors: Martha Stiegman, Jesse Thistle
Producers: Martha Stiegman, Anders Sandberg


Other Resources:

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa

Decolonization, Indigeneity, Education & Society

Native Land [Map]

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The Centre for Women and Trans People (“The Centre”) is a student-funded, collectively-run, volunteer-driven organization at York University. We are a progressive, pro-choice, anti-racist, queer-positive, trans-positive, feminist organization committed to: […]

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WORK-STUDY: Peer support program coordinator Job Posting To apply, send the following info by 5 p.m., September 16th: Cover Letter Resume One page statement: The statement should include how […]

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Interested in Volunteering at The Centre? We are looking for new volunteers and collective members! We are interested in students and community members who have between 2-4 hours a week […]

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